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B&J Offers Regrooving Blades

B&J regrooving blades increase truck tire mileage.

B&J regrooving blades are made of high-quality steel and hardened in a special process. B&J blades are available as round-bottomed blades or flat-bottomed blades in different sizes.


Continental Offers Cooling Fans for Hybrids

Continental is offering Hybrid Battery Cooling Fans for 2003-2017 vehicles.

Continental now offers a wide range of OE quality Hybrid Battery Cooling Fans for popular hybrids from model years 2003-2017. Formerly only available from the dealer, Continental has 16 part numbers available for exact replacement on hybrid models from Ford, GM, Honda, Hyundai, KIA, and Toyota.


Bridgestone DriveGuard Comes in 50+ Sizes

The DriveGuard tire is designed to provide a quiet, comfortable ride, along with the reassurance...

Since endurance and longevity are important to consumers when shopping for tires, the Bridgestone DriveGuard run-flat tires are designed to withstand harsh road conditions and provide confident control.


JohnDow Offers 3 New Fluid Extractors

The extractors include 5 feet of flexible hosing and rigid dip-stick tubes for engine oil removal.

The new fluid extractors from JohnDow Industries (JDI) are designed to remove fluids through filler ports and dipstick tubes and include a manual hand pump version, an air/pneumatic version, and an air/pneumatic brake fluid exchanger.