CarMD's Vehicle Health Index Ranks Brands by Repair Incidents and Costs

When the check engine light comes on, which brand has the lowest average repair cost? Which vehicle is least likely to need check engine-related repairs? The answers are in the CarMD Index, which ranks brands and vehicles based on in-use check engine repair incidents and costs.

Joaquin Garcia balances a tire at Redwood General Tire Pros in Redwood City, Calif.

When to Repair or Replace Shop Equipment

Many factors go into deciding if it’s better to repair shop equipment or upgrade to a newer model. Modern Tire Dealer asked five Tire Dealer of the Year honorees what they consider when evaluating their shop equipment.


Bosch Expands Coverage of ADS Diagnostic Scan Tools

Bosch Automotive Service Solutions has released software version 3.4 for the ADS 325 and ADS 625 diagnostic scan tools. The software adds coverage and tests for Asian, European and Domestic vehicles in North America.

The ADS 625 (pictured) and ADS 325 scan tools are part of Bosch's new Automotive Diagnostic Solutions line.

Bosch Introduces Two Diagnostic Scan Tools

The new ADS 325 and ADS 625 scan tools from Bosch Automotive Service Solutions feature full diagnostic capabilities including system scans, data stream, special tests, bi-directional controls, and repair information.


Modis Ultra Diagnostic Tool Delivers Speed

The Modis Ultra from Snap-on Diagnostics is a multifunction tool for complete start to finish diagnostics that includes a fully integrated scan tool, lab scope, vehicle-specific communication software and expert information resources--all in one diagnostic tool.


AutoFocus: All locked up with no place to go

With some of today’s cars diagnosing those supposedly ‘simple functions’ such as power door locks, power seats, or power windows can get overly complicated. For example, I took a call recently on a 2001 Mercedes C-class. The driver’s complaint was that the door locks wouldn’t work after the car sat for more than an hour, but once they started to work again, they would be fine as long as you used them.


AutoFocus: Don't be afraid of Saturn EGR codes

Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) codes become relatively common on GM vehicles as they age. EGR codes are most often the first clue that there’s an EGR flow issue, but sometimes the complaint is related to pinging, due to improper combustion chamber cooling due to a lack of EGR. Some codes are unique to EGR flow while some are unique to EGR valve position. Still other codes can be caused by either a lack of EGR flow or an incorrect EGR pintle position.

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