Increase Productivity and Profits With Lift Accessories

Lifts are an essential tool in the bays of tire dealerships. Rotary, a Vehicle Service Group brand, says lift accessories can help technicians be more efficient, which leads to faster bay turns, more service tickets and higher profits.

Rotary Lift says selecting the right battery for a vehicle lift can maximize a lift’s potential. The company has released a guide to help users make the best decision.

Rotary Lift Has Tips for Choosing the Right Lift Battery

Advances in battery technology have made it possible for facilities to tailor their battery-operated lifts to meet specific needs, according to Rotary Lift. For instance, some battery types are more suited for quick service applications than others.

Technicians should use a wheel lift to prevent back strain when removing and installing wheels. That’s one of Rotary Lift’s top 10 safety tips for lift owners and operators.

Rotary Lift Offers Top 10 Vehicle Lift Safety Tips

Rotary Lift has released a list of top 10 essential safety tips for lift buyers and operators. The company is drawing on its 90-year history to offer best practices for truck lifts, car lifts and bus lifts.

Rotary Lift has created a quick guide to help customers evaluate which size lift is right for their repair business.

Rotary Lift Guide Helps Customers Pick the Best Lift

Rotary Lift has created a free lift application guide to help customers choose the right lifts for their service facilities. The guide is designed to give customers a glance of the lift styles available to service each class of vehicle.

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