When presenting added-values, it helps to use pictures for greater customer understanding.

Fake Value Is Overrated and Overpriced

Customers are pretty smart; actually, they always have been. I’m picking up lately on an idea that’s floating around: Running a business was easier in the good old days, and advertising, in particular, is harder now (which it is) than it used to be.

Wayne Williams loves performance and he’s an unapologetic automotive enthusiast. For over 40 years he has either worked at the counter selling tires, wheels and auto services to consumers or taught this craft to others. Wayne writes a monthly column called “Counter Intelligence” for Modern Tire Dealer magazine as well as running Wayne Williams Marketing, a full-service marketing and branding company out of California. All photos were provided by Wayne Williams Marketing unless otherwise noted.

Why Enthusiasts Matter to Your Business

I’m passionate about the vehicles I drive and so are millions of other vehicle owners. I’m not just passionate about my cars on the weekends, I’m passionate every day. I get a certain feeling when I walk toward my Camaro SS or Trailblazer SS. I’ve styled and tuned them to fit my likes and my driving style.


Training Covers Strategy, Process and Execution

The competition is predictable. The needs of customers is understandable and predictable. But Wayne Williams says how your store or stores operate can't be predictable. That predictability must be re-strategized.

This booklet published in 1990 holds marketing truths that are just as valid today as they were almost 30 years ago.

Simple Truths in Retailing that Never Change

Have you ever read something that just hit you like a ton of bricks because its truth and potential impact were immediately understood? When I run across material like this, I save it. When I refer to it later, I’m often amazed that the truth is more relevant now than when I first read it.

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