Building Trust Through Engagement Skills

You can buy advertising, but you can’t buy trust. I’m an outgoing person. I like to engage people in a wide variety of ways, mostly individually or in smaller groups because I like understanding what people are really saying. I take responsibility seriously. I often feel the weight and responsibility that is inherent in certain situations.

Has anyone received a photo like this lately? It’s a shot of a tire sidewall from a friend. “I’m sure the answer is, ‘Yes, yes, a thousand times yes,” says Williams.

How Do You Sell Tires to Friends?

We all have customers who are friends, probably many; however, we can’t trade on relationships alone, we must be better than that. If the customer standing in your store is a friend, don’t be offended if he or she has used their smartphone to do a little pre-shopping before they stopped in.

You’re doing well if you have enough cars in your service bays and you are able to service them properly and according to need.

There Are Only Two Problems You Can Have in a Tire Store

When I was young and running a group of retail stores, I had a mentor who used to tell me, “There are only two problems you can have in a tire store. “One, you don’t have enough cars, or two, you’re not working the cars you have.”


Beware of Routine Dullness: Invest $25 and a Little Time in You and Your Career

It’s amazing what you can forget. I wouldn’t consider myself a big reader, but I do read a lot. In remodeling my work/writing studio earlier this year, I rearranged all my books, hardbacks and paperbacks, hundreds of them. Putting my hands on every book I’ve read in the last 20-plus years, I couldn’t help but sit and glance through a few. It’s amazing what you can forget and how fast you can remember.


People. Process. Profit: Keep Your Focus

Retailing is a complex endeavor. I recall my first day working at a retail sales counter in a high-volume location. Customers came streaming through the doors in the morning, the phone never stopped ringing, and it seemed chaotic.


A Simple Technique to Compete with the Big Boys

Every tire dealer in America competes against strong, established, online tire providers. Most independent tire dealers also compete with the largest independent “tires only” retailer in the country, and many compete directly with Sam’s, Costco and other membership warehouse clubs.

Women actually prefer interaction with a sales person when making the final purchase decision.

Women Buy Tires, Too -- They Have the Numbers, the Influence and the Shopping Skills

Over the last few years, I’ve subscribed to a variety of blogs and company emails that provide a lot of marketing research on a weekly basis. The hot topic these days is the millennial generation. It’s interesting that much of the current research indicates that the millennial’s buying habits and preferences are migrating to mirror that of the Baby Boomers.


Williams says: Press the buy button!

Online tire sales have you concerned? Keep in mind recent surveys show 85% of shoppers like to visit a brick-and-mortar store because they want to touch and feel products before a purchase. Consumers use online for research, and in-store to buy, says Wayne Williams, Modern Tire Dealer's Counter Intelligence columnist, in the November issue.

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