The Bridgestone Europe headquarters in Zaventem.

Bridgestone in Europe! Building on Continued Success

As I am sure all MTD readers can appreciate, Europe is currently in the grip of a number of significant business trading changes including a fluctuating economy and the very real prospect of the UK market eventually leaving the European Union.

Falken Tyre Europe exhibited for the first time at the Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland.

Innovative Tires and More: Manufacturers Speak Out at the Geneva Motor Show

The annual Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland is primarily a high profile car show presenting the very latest automotive technical advancements. It is also increasingly becoming a popular event in terms of tomorrow’s tire innovations, and once again most of Europe’s leading tire manufacturers were exhibiting this year.

Conference speaker Stefan Hay is the NTDA chief executive.

A New Level of Urgency Over Tire Safety

Every year the UK-based National Tyre Dealers Association (NTDA) holds its enthusiastically attended conference which from experience I have always considered to be a reliable measure of what is happening in the tire industry — not just in the UK but throughout Europe as the two markets are closely linked.

This tire dump in Kuwait may be the world’s largest.

Used Tire Problems Continue in Europe

It would be true to say that Europe has something of a tire crisis at the moment. No, it has nothing to do with inexpensive Chinese imports or, in fact, new tire prices. The main problem right now is trying to ensure the tires on drivers’ vehicles are actually fit for purpose.

The TyreAware campaign is now moving across Europe.

TyreAware Campaign Rolls Out Across Europe

Tire manufacturers from around the world have long been criticized for not paying enough attention toward how their products are presented and sold to the end user by tire dealers. However, recently I have heard about an enterprising scheme in Europe that just may change this perception and attitude in the future.

This can be the shocking result of riding on part-worn tires on European highways.

Europe Steps Up the Fight Against the Sale of Defective Tires

The sale of defective or part-worn tires remains a thorn in the side of the tire industry around the world. We know that unsafe, unlawful tires cause death and mayhem on our roads, but the sale of part-worns is a global problem that appears to be reluctantly tolerated... that is, until now.

The sale of part-worn tires is a big problem in Europe.

An Endless Battle for Legal Tires in Europe

Although it would be fair to say that the problem of part-worn tire sales has remained at a manageable level for the European industry during the past couple of years, it is still viewed as a serious thorn in the side of the safety image of modern tires — and nowhere more so than in the UK.

Peter Taylor of the Tyre Recovery Association wants the tire industry to tackle the issue of part-worn tires in the most productive way possible.

Taking a New, Determined Route Against Part-Worn Tires

In early October, as usual I attended the UK Tyre Industry Conference 2015 which is presented by the National Tyre Distributors Association (NTDA) as it is always a very informative source of what’s happening in this busy and competitive market.

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