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Coats Tire Changers

The Coats 70X Leverless model tire changer features a unique leverless mount/demount head that eliminates the use of manual tire tools and delivers increased productivity, and an exclusive swing arm locking mechanism that greatly reduces the operator effort required to change even the most challenging applications.

Coats ProRide Series Balancer

The ProRide tire balancer from Hennessy Industries delivers fast, accurate diagnostics with cycle times short enough to run diagnostics on every spin--preventing comebacks rather than having to fix them.

Hennessy partners with export company

Hennessy Industries has partnered with Hockman-Lewis Ltd., an international export management company, to manage the sales and marketing of the Coats, Ammco and BADA brands throughout Southeast Asia and the Pacific Rim.

At your service

Tire service equipment manufacturers have developed new products specifically geared for working with difficult tire/wheel combinations — and doing it with ease.

Coats tire changer saves time, reduces risks

Hennessy Industries Inc.'s Coats ProGuard Leverless Tire Changer reduces the risk of damage associated with changing over-sized, run-flat and low-profile tires and takes the strain out of tire changing.