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Computer software

A worldwide ransomware cyberattack affected businesses, governments and personal computers in 150 countries on Friday. And while Modern Tire Dealer doesn’t claim to be clairvoyant, our April cover story on ransomware has the information you need to protect your business.

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You and Your Software Provider: How the Relationship has Evolved

 A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... software companies developed complete point-of-sale systems for tire dealers. These systems included POS, inventory control, sales history, A/R, A/P, G/L and even payroll. They were your one-stop shop for business automation.

JMK offers J-Connect marketing software service

JMK Computerized Tire Dealer Information System (JMK) reports its J-Connect service allows tire dealers' customers direct website access to their vehicles’ service history, independent of the software systems being used.

Google vs. Facebook: The battle lines have been drawn

What comes to mind when you hear the word “Google”? Do you think, search engine? Did you know it’s the most widely used search engine on the Internet? It’s five-and-a-half times more popular than its closest rival, Bing. Maybe you think of it as a place to look up a business on Google+ Local or do you think of Google Gmail, which is a very popular free email service?

Service shop optimization

You most likely have multiple service bays in your shop. What are you using to manage the workflow of those bays?

ASA adds service estimator solution

ASA Automotive Systems reports more than 300 tire and general automotive service locations using its TireMaster and AutoRepairMaster software now have the capability to increase vehicle parts and service revenue and gross margin through its powerful Epicor Integrated Service Estimator (ISE) solution.