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A worldwide ransomware cyberattack affected businesses, governments and personal computers in 150 countries on Friday. And while Modern Tire Dealer doesn’t claim to be clairvoyant, our April cover story on ransomware has the information you need to protect your business.

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Beware of Ransomware

All the tire dealer wanted to do was upgrade his point-of-sale software. He chose an in-house server-based system, and made sure his employees received the proper training.

Fitment Group launches Demand Plus

Fitment Group has launched a new product, Demand Plus, that provides tire retailers and distributors with a turnkey demand planning and competitor pricing solution.

Carbonneau named ASA controller

ASA Automotive Systems has appointed Mary Carbonneau controller. Her responsibilities will include overseeing all of ASA’s accounting operations, management reporting and compliance/control.

Andreoli eases DOT compliance reporting

Andreoli & Associates Inc. (A&A) has added two enhancements to its cloud-based HITS BPOS software for better Department of Transportation (DOT) number compliancy.

Google vs. Facebook: The battle lines have been drawn

What comes to mind when you hear the word “Google”? Do you think, search engine? Did you know it’s the most widely used search engine on the Internet? It’s five-and-a-half times more popular than its closest rival, Bing. Maybe you think of it as a place to look up a business on Google+ Local or do you think of Google Gmail, which is a very popular free email service?

Service shop optimization

You most likely have multiple service bays in your shop. What are you using to manage the workflow of those bays?

ASA: 'driven by innovation'

ASA Automotive Systems has announced positive results for 2012, including significant growth with 75 new systems sold and implemented, for more than 950 users at over 250 locations.