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I’m no economist, but there sure are a lot of them writing and talking about a possible recession. If a recession is indeed around the corner, I hope it happens later than sooner. But either way, we must prepare our businesses to ensure they weather the storm. I truly believe that those of us who take the right steps will come out on the other side in good shape.

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Are You an S Corp or C Corp?

A small business is much, much, much better off as an S corp for many reasons. For starters, if your store or stores made less than $50,000 in profit last year as a C corp, your tax rate is about to go up. 

DSP Hires Bridgestone Veteran George Kingman

Dealer Strategic Planning Inc. (DSP) has hired George Kingman as the 20 Group’s associate director. Kingman brings extensive experience in sales and store management, productivity improvement and team building to DSP.

DSP Unveils a New Logo

Dealer Strategic Planning Inc. (DSP) has unveiled a new logo for the company. The fresh, storefront design symbolizes the enhanced services DSP is offering to its 20 Group members.

Real Sales Training and the Science — Not Magic — Behind It

Oh great, another expert talking about sales training.” Or, “What are his magic steps to a sale?” Well, if you got past the headline, I’ve got news for you. There is no secret sauce. No heroic “Glengarry Glen Ross” (Gen X’ers and Boomers) or “Wolf of Wall Street” (Millennials) story to inspire or scare you to death.

Disasters Come When You Least Expect Them!

As Kristen and Kent Cristy were looking forward to a great Thanksgiving celebration with family in November 2009, they didn’t know their world would be upended two days before the holiday by fire trucks screaming in the night.

SEMA Show, Day Two: DSP offers workshop

For the second year, Dealer Strategic Planning Inc. (DSP) offered a one-day budget workshop for its 20 Group members during the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show week in Las Vegas.