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Dill Air Controls Products LLC

Dill Offers TPMS Hex Nut Removal Kit

Dill Air Controls Products LLC says problems caused by corroded valve stems are a thing of the past thanks to its U.S.-made 5010 TPMS Hex Nut Removal Kit.

Dill Offers New Digital Inflator Gauge Line

Dill Air Controls Products LLC has released a digital inflator gauge line that has a range from 0-170 psi, digitally displays in 0.5 increments and provides a +/- 1 psi reliability.

Dill Promotes Breast Cancer Awareness

You can now support the ongoing efforts to fight breast cancer by purchasing pink “awareness” air pressure gauges from Dill Air Controls Products LLC. 

Dill: New valve stem simplifies TPMS

Dill Air Controls Products LLC has introduced a chrome-plated, corrosion-free clamp-in valve stem to help simplify TPMS service. The VS-45 clamp-in valve stem attaches to the REDI-Sensor push-clip design.