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Evergreen Speedway

Justin Pawlak earns third place at Evergreen Speedway

Falken Tire-supported entrant Justin Pawlak fought his way to earn a third place in Round 5 of the Pro Formula Drift Championship at Seattle’s Evergreen Speedway, his first podium since 2013 and Falken’s first podium of the year.

Chris Forsberg grabs his 5th podium of the Formula Drift season

For the 5th time this season Hankook Tire driver Chris Forsberg was on the winner’s podium this past weekend at Evergreen Speedway in Monroe, Washington having secured a third place finish at Formula Drift Round 5: Throwdown. Forsberg’s third place finish marks his fifth consecutive podium appearance of the season.

Hankook drivers win podium finishes in Formula Drift

Hankook driver Chris Forsberg drifted to a first place podium finish in front of a sold out crowd this past weekend at Formula Drift Round 5: Throwdown, at Evergreen Speedway in Monroe, Washington. Hankook driver Fredric Aasbo rounded out the final podium positions with a third place finish, his first podium of the season.