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FTR Associates

January Class 8 orders lowest since 2002

Orders for Class 8 truck tires during the month of January dropped to the lowest monthly level since 2002, according to a report by FTR Associates, which tracks trucking industry trends.

Year will end with 'modest' freight growth

This year will end with "modest freight growth," according to FTR Associates, a group that tracks trucking industry trends. "We expect 2010 to be in the 2.8% range."

Class 8 truck orders rose in July

Total orders for all major North American original equipment Class 8 truck manufacturers came to 9,002 units last month, a 9.6% increase over June production levels, according to FTR Associates, a trucking industry forecaster.

Class 8 truck production will drop 47% in '09

Orders for heavy duty commercial vehicles are coming in "as anticipated," according to FTR Associates, a transportation forecasting firm. As a result, the company's 2009 forecast, which calls for a decline of nearly 47% in Class 8 truck production, "remains unchanged."