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James Tuschner

The Low-Down on Load Speed Index

Uncertainty about ag tire load speed index continues to abound. A tire with too low of a load/speed index leads to overloading the tire, premature wear, accidents and spills. The best advice: "be real" about the machine's use to determine an accurate load index.

Tracks vs. Tires: How to Know Which Is Best for Your Farm Customer

The debate continues whether tracks or tires are better in the field. There are advocates on both sides. But the experts agree there's not a one-size-fits-all answer, and tire dealers need to know how to guide their farm customers to making the best solution.

AG Tire Talk: Bringing Out the Best Features of MFWD Tractor Tires

What tire features should a grower look for to improve traction, reduce operator fatigue and improve yield in MFWD (mechanical front-wheel drive) tractor row crop applications? Six experts from ag tire manufacturers step MTD readers through the various features.