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Mac McGovern

KYB Offers Training on Ride Control

KYB Americas Corp. has launched a campaign to help service providers communicate the importance of ride control maintenance to help keep a vehicle’s computerized safety systems working within designed capabilities. 

Revamped KYB website wins top award

KYB Americas Corp. recently received an Auto International Association (AIA) award for the best website presentation of a product line for import cars or trucks at the 2014 Automotive Aftermarket Parts Expo in Las Vegas.

Preventive maintenance saves money on TV and in real life

It looks like there are always consequences to your actions -- or in this case, inaction. In our August issue, I wrote a story about fall car care. My lead referenced one of my favorite television shows, "The Big Bang Theory."

KYB Ride Control Kit has digital library

The latest KYB Certified Ride Control Center Kit from KYB Americas Corp. for automotive service providers helps make it easier to evaluate vehicle control conditions. It also has tools to communicate those conditions to the motorist accurately via new HD graphic animation technologies and training aids