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Matt Leeper

COVID-19 Brings Good News for Falken Dealers

It’s about time the coronavirus brings some good news for a change. This dose of positivity is destined for tire dealers of the Falken brand, and specifically the WildPeak A/T3W.  

Sumitomo's Snapshot of the Tire Industry Amid COVID-19

The U.S. tire industry was already off to a rough start in 2020 before the coronavirus. That's one takeaway from Sumitomo Rubber North America Inc.'s first virtual dealer forum. We've compiled five more takeaways, covering the original equipment and replacement tire markets in both the consumer and truck tire businesses.  

Photos: 2018 K&M Tire Dealer Conference

K&M Tire Inc. invited 1,000 people to the Chicago area for its 2018 Dealer Conference. There were educational sessions over the course of the day-and-a-half event, plus a trade show where tire suppliers gave away cash prizes, cars and motorcycles.