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Mike Manges

The U.S. truck tire market looked much different at the end of last year than it does now. Through the end of 2019, 18.7 million medium truck tires had been shipped through the replacement downward trajectory, but numbers were still at respectable levels. And tonnage was increasing, albeit slightly. Then, not too long later, COVID-19 hit. And to say that things have not been the same since is an understatement.

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'A Crisis Can Give You Courage'

“It seems like every 10 years, something like (the COVID-19) pandemic happens,” says Don Mead, CEO of Callaghan Tire Inc. in Bradenton, Fla. “There was the early-80’s recession, the early-90’s recession, the Great Recession and now this.” Mead says there are four things tire dealers should do during every crisis.

Retreading ‘Key’ to Continental Life Cycle Approach

“A manufacturer cannot provide for the needs of fleets without a solid distribution network and cannot develop a solid distribution network without fleet business to support it,” says John Barnes, head of Continental’s ContiLifeCycle retreading for the Americas region.

Bridgestone's Higgs Talks Autonomous Trucks, Severe Service Retreads, GCR and More

While maintaining 44% share of the United States retreaded truck tire market, Bridgestone-Bandag has had a busy couple of years. In addition to introducing new tread products for severe service applications, last year Bridgestone staged a 29-city roadshow, titled “Fleets We Depend On,” to educate fleets about the advantages of using retreads.

Act Now to Maintain Access to Vehicle Repair Data

In the not-too-distant future — within two years, to be exact — nearly 90% of new cars sold in the United States will have the ability to transmit repair and diagnostic data to automotive repair facilities telematically.