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Mike Mavrigian

Upgrading Shop Equipment: When and Why to Consider New Purchases

New equipment acquisition represents both a substantial investment as well as an enjoyable experience. After all, who doesn’t love the look, feel and smell of new equipment? Plus, staying current in terms of features and operating condition makes the shop more efficient and more profitable.

Brake Performance for Luxury Cars

Today’s high performance and “luxury” high performance vehicles are designed with elevated levels of engine, suspension, steering and braking performance, and command higher price tags as a result. Owners of these vehicles demand brake system service to match or exceed the OE design in terms of stopping power. Since these vehicles tend to be driven “enthusiastically” on occasion, the customer expects a firm pedal, high levels of stopping power and predictable, no-nonsense braking.

Wheel fasteners

Wheel fasteners are arguably the most important components on any vehicle, responsible for securing the wheels to the vehicle, yet are often the least understood and appreciated. This brief article offers a basic overview of the often overlooked threaded wheel fastener — how to identify it and how to handle it.

Top 12 emerging technologies

Technology is advancing rapidly, with automakers jumping through hoops to offer the “latest and greatest,” both to meet ever-more-stringent federal mandates and to make their vehicles more appealing to the buying public.