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Monro Temporarily Halts Acquisition Efforts

As a result of the uncertainty caused by COVID-19, and in an effort to keep cash on hand, Monro Inc. is temporarily halting its acquisition efforts as well as its national rebranding work to turn more of its automotive service stores into tire stores.

Monro Is Trying to Beat the Winter Weather Blues

Though Monro Inc. leaders told investors many times they didn’t want to talk about the weather, the company’s latest quarterly results are undeniably affected by a snowfall shortage. The good news is, Monro has a plan to beat Mother Nature.

Monro Hits a Low Point for 2020 in Latest Financials

After six straight quarters of same-store sales growth, Monro Inc. says sales at existing stores were flat during the second quarter of fiscal year 2020. Overall sales did increase 5.5% in the period, but that was all due to sales from new stores.

Find Out What Monro Will Do Next on July 25

In the last 12 months, Monro Inc. has added nearly 100 locations to its independent retail and commercial tire dealership. In the last three years, it has added 164 outlets.

Monro Sees Improvement in 'Transformative Year'

A shorter selling period and drop in tire sales may have sullied the fourth quarter of fiscal 2019 for Monro Inc., but the company still recorded a 6.4% increase in sales for the full year — and crossed the $1.2 billion threshold.