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Performance Handbook

Terms of Endearment: How to Read the Sidewall on a UHP Tire

It seems the information on the side of a tire increases as the tire’s profile decreases. Should you need to explain to your customers — or new hires — what it all means, the tire illustration below will tell them almost everything they need to know.

Brake Performance for Luxury Cars

Today’s high performance and “luxury” high performance vehicles are designed with elevated levels of engine, suspension, steering and braking performance, and command higher price tags as a result. Owners of these vehicles demand brake system service to match or exceed the OE design in terms of stopping power. Since these vehicles tend to be driven “enthusiastically” on occasion, the customer expects a firm pedal, high levels of stopping power and predictable, no-nonsense braking.

Balancing performance tires

Saying technology has changed over the last decade might be one of the greatest understatements that I’ve ever made. In 2005, tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) were primarily reserved for high-end luxury and sports cars. Anti-lock braking systems (ABS) and electronic stability control (ESC) were options. And people who thought the Blackberry was a smartphone were surprised when the first video was uploaded to a new video hosting service called YouTube.

NVH issues and answers

In this article, we’ll address a variety of noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) issues. We’ll also offer tips on how to avoid and/or cure these ills.

Hyperactive imagination

You may have noticed the sweet looking, perhaps unfamiliar monster of a vehicle on our front cover. That is a hypercar, specifically a 2015 GTA Spano from Spania GTA Tecnomotive S.L. It features a V10 twin-turbo engine capable of 925 horsepower. And a $650,000 price tag.