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Randy Tsai

Greenball Unveils 15-Inch All-Steel Special Trailer Tire

Greenball Corp. has introduced a 15-inch all-steel special trailer tire. The new ST225/75R15 Tow-Master All-Steel Construction (ASC) is an ultra-premium trailer tire built specifically for heavier trailers pulled by today’s higher performance tow-vehicles.

Happy 40th to Greenball!

Line up the candles for the cake, because this month Greenball Corp., manufacturer of tire brands such as GBC Motorsports, Kanati Tires, and Tow-Master, is turning 40.

Greenball Launches All Steel Trailer Tire

Greenball Corp. identified the need to develop a specialty trailer tire to hold up to heavier loads and faster highway speeds. The result is the Tow-Master ASC (for All Steel Construction).

Consumers demand more robust ST tires

Vehicles towing trailers aren’t chugging along slowly on the highway anymore, and as truck power and speed have increased so has the need for special trailer (ST) tires that can keep up.