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Richard Morgan

Going From 'Surviving' to 'Much Improved'

Situation: Milt Average, owner of Middleroad Tire, grew increasingly disappointed in the performance of his company. His five-store dealership had produced profits in the 2% to 4% range five years in row. But the most recent year showed a profit below 2%, creating real concern. Milt was determined to go from “fair” to much better results.

Happy employees mean happy customers

Because excellent sales experiences and high satisfaction levels are the basis for customer retention, it makes sense to hire, train and retain outstanding employees who deliver on your promises.

Extending customer ‘life cycles’

Retaining existing customers adds greater long-term profitability, but many tire and auto service firms pay too little attention to extending customer life cycles. Firms invest plenty of marketing dollars to gain new customers, yet ignore many of the little things that turn customers off once they come through the door.

Want to move your business forward? Consider these 6 steps

Richard Morgan writes a monthly e-newsletter that I always find interesting. As a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) and president of Morgan Marketing Solutions Inc. in Dallas, Texas, he knows how to cut through the clutter and give strong business advice to tire dealers.

Telephone marketing in transition

When the telephone rings at your store, the odds are better than two to one that your customer or prospect is using a cell phone or one of the newer “smartphones.” Today, there are more than 280 million mobile phones in use by about 80% of Americans, age 18 and above.