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Shop safety

The basics of workplace safety

There are many good reasons to cultivate a culture of safety in a tire dealership. It will help keep employees injury-free and able to perform their duties. It will help keep the shop in compliance with the United States Department of Labor’s (DOL) Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations. It is also important for liability and insurance purposes.

6 years! Del-Nat marks safety milestone

Del-Nat Tire Corp., an independent tire distributor that operates as a cooperative, celebrated 1,500 consecutive working days – almost six full years – without a lost-time accident at its facility in South Memphis, Tenn.

Safety Station features emergency eye wash

The Shure Manufacturing Corp.s Shure Safety Station features an emergency eye wash attachment and stores first aid kits, bandages and supplies. It is also useful for storage of Material Safety Data Sheets.

Shop towels could be toxic hazard, study says

In a report released by Kimberly-Clarke, information was revealed regarding the use of towels and the exposure to chemicals in automotive repair shops. The report found that towels, even after they have been washed, can cause exposure to metals, oil and grease.