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commercial tire dealers

Northwest Tire Invests in Commercial Tires for the Future

In the last three years the economy has dealt Northwest Tire Inc. a pretty tough hand. Oil prices fell. The Canadian exchange rate tumbled, and farm commodity prices dropped. Yet the 41-year-old tire dealership is thriving, expanding its footprint with new stores and adding locations in existing markets

Operating Service Trucks Presents Risks

Given all of the hazards associated with roadside tire service, it still only represents about half the risk for commercial tire dealers. Yes — you read that correctly — half the risk.

Continental’s BestDrive Expands in Ohio

BestDrive LLC, a subsidiary of Continental Tire the Americas LLC, has opened a retread shop and commercial tire service center in Grove City, a Columbus, Ohio, suburb.

Customers Love a ‘Know-It-All’ When It Comes to Specialty Tires

Today’s consumers see something they want and have to have it immediately. If that something is a specialty tire, the commercial dealer who has it will make the sale. “If you have it, you are going to sell it,” says Doug Therrien, president of Central Tire Co. Inc. based in Sanford, Maine.