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commercial tires

Titan Touts Ply Ratings of OTR Tires

Titan International Inc. says it has introduced the industry’s highest ply ratings for two of its existing OTR product lines, the Titan CM100 and the Titan CM150. “This higher ply rating allows for carrying significantly heavier loads, and doing so with greater durability and a longer life,” say Titan officials.

Vipal Brings VT560 Tread to North America

Vipal Rubber has introduced a new tread, the VT560, to the North American market. The VT560 “was developed to obtain high adhesion," according to Vipal officials.

Yokohama Launches All-Position Truck Tire

Yokohama Tire Corp.’s new all-position truck tire, the 504C, is “engineered with a sturdy undertread to handle the punishment of on- and off-highway applications,” according to Yokohama officials.

BKT Launches LIFTMAX LM 63 Tire

Balkrishna Industries Ltd. has launched its new LIFTMAX LM 63 tire, which is designed to fit tractors used in industrial and logistics applications, including ports and airports.