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"Blue Ocean" Thinking: Not Just For Elon Musk and Tesla

Our industry can be somewhat “old school” and traditional. How can you, as an independent tire dealer, “open up new space” in your market, drive increased demand for what you offer and set your business apart from the competition?

BKT Hires Marketing Manager

BKT Tires USA Inc., a subsidiary of Balkrishna Industries Ltd. (BKT), has named Leigh Johnston to serve as its marketing manager.

Going From 'Surviving' to 'Much Improved'

Situation: Milt Average, owner of Middleroad Tire, grew increasingly disappointed in the performance of his company. His five-store dealership had produced profits in the 2% to 4% range five years in row. But the most recent year showed a profit below 2%, creating real concern. Milt was determined to go from “fair” to much better results.