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Ultra-low aspect ratios could be feasible, but then that changes section widths. They'd have to be much wider, and would need more flex. That leads to changes in wheel wells. (You can see where this is going.)

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Spotting Damaged Wheels Boosts Profits

Expertise and service count at Sports Car Tire in Wilmington, Del. “We’re known as the fixers,” says Chris Misero, operations manager of the business.

Defining Performance: Speed Ratings are No Longer the Emphasis. Still…

It is time to officially re-think the definitions for high and ultra-high performance tires. Speed ratings are not enough anymore. Neither is aspect ratio. Quite frankly, they haven’t been enough for many years. Evolution in tire development continues to make those factors less relevant.

TBC Updates Sumitomo HTR Enhance Lineup

TBC Brands LLC is updating the Sumitomo HTR Enhance line for the performance tire market with three products and 82 sizes for fitments on passenger cars, CUVs and SUVs.  

Performance Winter Tires or Studless Ice and Snow Tires?

Performance winter tires are the ideal choice for some, but not every, winter tire buyer. Tire Rack's Woody Rogers outlined the differences between performance winter tires and studless ice and snow tires for Modern Tire Dealer.