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Based on my research, the first sale was made by a caveman during the Stone Age. The smooth talking Neanderthal sold a set of flint carving tools to a friend. At that time, he needed to face his potential customer, because wild pigeons weren’t strong enough to carry both the sales pitch (in drawings, of course) and the product to the interested buyer. And pterodactyls had already become extinct.

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Rick Wheeler Joins TGI to Lead National Sales

Rick Wheeler is taking his decades of tire expertise to Tire Group International LLC (TGI). He's been named vice president of national sales for the Florida-based tire distributor and wholesaler.

Zollner Joins Kenda Sales Team

American Kenda Rubber Industrial Co. Ltd. is adding Phyllis Zollner to its sales team in the North Automotive business unit as southeast sales manager.

There are 3 Types of Learning: Each Has its Upsides and Downsides

Repetition. People develop skills through repetition. Not from a book alone, or by listening to someone tell a story or describe how to do something. They may initially learn or discover a new skill through reading or listening, but people get good at that thing by doing it (correctly) over and over: repetition.

Turn your data into profit

Dave Vogel says most tire dealers are sitting on a pile of money. And ignoring it. Their computers might as well be stuffed with cash, and their filing cabinets overflowing like a triple-cherry slot machine jackpot.

Monro posts record sales, income

Monro Muffler Brake Inc. posted net sales of $476.1 million on net income of $24.1 million for its fiscal 2009 year, both records for the company.