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Four Factors That Enhance the Customer Experience

Your attention to detail, or lack of it, shows. A business that pays attention to detail gives customers peace of mind and connects with them emotionally. It makes them feel good and creates a good customer experience. There are four little things that make a big difference.

New Employees Should Master One Task at a Time

Training someone to work in a tire store is like teaching algebra — the student has to know the basics first. Muscle memory helps in math, and it can help a new employee learn the ropes without taking shortcuts.

Fake Value Is Overrated and Overpriced

Customers are pretty smart; actually, they always have been. I’m picking up lately on an idea that’s floating around: Running a business was easier in the good old days, and advertising, in particular, is harder now (which it is) than it used to be.

Training Covers Strategy, Process and Execution

The competition is predictable. The needs of customers is understandable and predictable. But Wayne Williams says how your store or stores operate can't be predictable. That predictability must be re-strategized.

Managing Employees Can Be a Tricky Part of Business

Asking if an employee is "bad" is the wrong question. It’s judgmental and doesn’t help along to the best solution for the employee and the business. Let’s take a step back and look at the bigger picture.