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Sometimes it’s necessary to take a look back in time in order to see what lies ahead. As we say goodbye to the year 2012 — and the trend toward social media — let’s take a ride on the historical technology highway and look back at some of the significant events in the history of computer technology

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Reaching the tech-savvy woman

What are you doing in your business to attract the tech-savvy woman? Did you know, according to Delia Passi, CEO of, 80% of all car maintenance decisions are made or influenced by women?

Will you marry me? Great! Now where's my cell?

"Martin proposed to Olivia!" squealed the woman sitting next to me at the airport. She held out her cell phone so her husband could read the text message. "Wait!" the woman said. "Let me check Martin's Facebook page. It says, "Olivia said yes!"

The tire/vehicle system

Tires play a vital role in vehicle operational safety. However, they have not always been viewed as products ripe for safety enhancements.

Hankook unveils e3 Technology for truck tires

Hankook Tire America Corp. has unveiled its e3 (or e-Cubed) technology for medium truck tires. "The e3 designation is designed to help dealers and customers understand the advanced technology behind its commercial tires, delivered across three areas: energy, economy and environment," say Hankook officials.

ASA continues to accept bailout applications

Applications for ASA Tire Systems' $1 Million Tire Dealer Bailout Program continue to roll in, even though roughly 45% of the program's total funds have been awarded to date.