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wheel service

Wheel sales: Roadside riches

Jim Blackburn Sr. is a man who doesn’t pass up an opportunity. And it was opportunity that took him from being an Archway cookie truck driver to the owner of a leading provider of new, used and refurbished OE wheels and hubcaps.

Wheel lug nut security from Spectra

Zafety Lug Lock from Spectra Products Inc. helps to prevent lug nut loosening, wheel damage and potential wheel loss by securing two adjacent wheel nuts together. Wheel nuts can loosen as a result of temperature, rim surface condition and wheel vibration.

Truck tire torque chart from Myers Tire Supply

The Commercial Wheel Torque Specification Chart from Myers Tire Supply is now available free. The 17-inch by 23-inch chart covers torque recommendations for hub and stud piloted wheels and demountable rims.

New OTC Universal Hub Puller prevents damage

SPX Corp. has unveiled its new OTC Universal Hub Puller HD with Plate (P/N 6574). The puller is designed to offer professional technicians complete capability for servicing wheel hubs, axle shafts, and other tough pulling applications.

Beck/Arnley wheel bearing kit has all the hardware

Beck/Arnley says wheel bearing replacement is now easier than ever because the company’s new wheel bearing kits. The kits include all parts needed to replace the wheel bearing, which saves both time and money.