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winter car care

Car Care In the Cold

Winter car care is more about temperature than weather conditions. The cold directly affects many parts of the vehicle, including the battery, motor oil, tires, even windshield wiper blades.

Opportunities to Add Sales Are in the Chemicals Under the Hood

Cold weather brings with it opportunities for add-on sales all around the vehicle. For example, sales of winter tires give dealers a chance to inspect brake, chassis, suspension and exhaust systems while the car is on the lift. Windshield wipers for winter also cater to the season.

Preparing your customers for winter

Customers know they need proper tires to navigate through the brutal conditions of the winter that is to come, but the need for other winter car care services might be less apparent to them. Independent tire dealers should be ready to approach their customers with solutions to potential winter driving problems such as impaired visibility and fluid replacement. They also need to prepare their employees to deal with this busy time of year.