J.D. Power Ranks Top Tire Retailers

J.D. Power's second customer satisfaction study of tire replacement providers shows consistency with the initial rankings in 2019. The top four tire dealers maintained their spots and their overall scores barely budged.

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How to Improve Customer Satisfaction: Greet the Customer

The latest survey of aftermarket customers by J.D. Power shows service facilities can dramatically improve their customer satisfaction scores by quickly acknowledging and saying hello to customers. It also shows tire replacement providers have the greatest room for improvement in this area.

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CarMD Releases Vehicle Health Index Rankings Corp. has released its 2020 CarMD Vehicle Health Index Make and Model Reliability Rankings, continuing its decade-long tradition of analyzing and reporting on which model year 1996 to 2020 vehicles require the fewest check engine light repairs and which cost the least to fix when they do need repairs. 

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