TIA supports most of tire labeling ruling

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The Tire Industry Association (TIA) supports the majority of the government's "tire safety information" rule recently published in the Federal Register.

In a prepared statement, TIA spelled out the tire labeling ruling's good and bad points.

"The leadership of TIA is particularly grateful for NHTSA’s interpretation of TIA’s position on the issue of the maximum air pressure, material and ply information on the sidewall of the tire. In its comments to the government, TIA maintained that information about the maximum air pressure, material and ply information should remain on the sidewall of a tire," writes Becky MacDicken, director of government affairs. "Specifically, this would benefit TIA members in the retread, repair and recycling industries...."

TIA executives are considering several options on a ruling that the association does not support, however: the rule that applies to retreaders placing the TIN (Tire Identification Number) on both sides of the tire.

"TIA leaders believe this will result in financial damage to businesses that retread passenger and light truck tires," according to MacDicken. "TIA recognizes that the passenger and light truck retreading segment is shrinking in size, but we believe that NHTSA’s rule is important to refute, given that the government could later consider imposing this same standard on retreaded truck tires, and this would be the focus of the petition.

"TIA notes that the TREAD (Transportation Recall Enhancement, Accountability and Documentation) Act did not mandate changes or regulations for the retreading segment."

MacDicken says TIA will continue to study the rule.

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