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Touring tires: Tire makers make the call

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Touring tires: Tire makers make the call

Auto manufacturers drive touring tire design trends. Tire manufacturers, however, have differing points of view on categorizing this evolving tire segment.

What do tire manufacturers have to say about defining a touring tire?

Consumers continue to demand more versatility out of their vehicles. Tire manufacturers are challenged to offer tires with all-season capability, snow traction, great handling, long tread life, low noise and high ride comfort.

That must be what the definition of a touring tire is. Or is it? Is the definition subject to change? To find out, we asked touring tire manufacturers these questions:

“How would you define a touring tire? Do you expect this definition to change in the next few years?”

Fifteen tire manufacturers responded, and their differing points of view may surprise you.

To find out who they are and to learn what their views on touring tires are, see the feature article “Defining Touring Tires,” which is currently appearing in Modern Tire Dealer’s April 2014 Performance Handbook.

Do you agree with the tire makers? What is your definition of a touring tire? Read the article and leave a comment.

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