For Toyo, the future starts now

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For Toyo, the future starts now

When the CEO (and president) speaks, employees listen. Especially new employees.

At Toyo Tire & Rubber Co. Ltd. headquarters in Osaka, Japan, earlier today, CEO and President Akira Nobuki addressed new employees during a welcoming ceremony. His words were instructive as well as welcoming.

Here is a summary of his remarks.

"Congratulations on joining Toyo Tires. Last year, the company achieved record-setting results, and it is with heartfelt joy that I welcome this enthusiastic group of new employees to Toyo Tires in an important year that will truly be a challenge for a new age. As fresh new recruits I have high expectations for you, and would like to communicate the following three messages.

"Our company is currently working to expand its growth foundation globally, and is developing its business operations in a way that will enable us to take advantage of a wide range of business opportunities. With manufacturers emerging in developing countries and global competition becoming ever more intense, the market has become 'multipolar' and diversified, and ever more unpredictable and chaotic. Today’s age is not merely one of surviving but of prevailing. Toyo Tires is making a unified effort under the theme of 'boosting our corporate strength' in order to strive to become a strong company capable of continuous growth in any type of environment.

“Quality and vitality are essential to “corporate strength.” The 'vitality' of the company as a whole is created through each employee’s intensive focus on the 'quality' of our products and one’s work, and through the achievement of teamwork and active communication on a global scale. Provided that we respond speedily and flexibly to changes in the market and make full use of all of our management resources worldwide, there is no reason why Toyo Tires cannot prevail even in this challenging time. In order to do so, I am encouraging creation throughout the company of a chemical reaction of 'fusion and innovation' through mutual coordination, cooperation and overcoming of obstacles on the part of every member. So it is with high expectations that I have three messages to communicate to all of you, who, over time, will dynamically lead the company’s business operations."

1. “Act responsibly as a member of society.”

2. “Cultivate your skills and human strength.”

3. “Continue to aspire.”

"In closing, next year, Toyo Tires will celebrate the 70th anniversary of its founding. Thirty years from now, when many of you will be at the helm of this company in senior management positions, the company will celebrate its 100th anniversary, and I look forward to you being present for that moment.

"As employees of this company, from this day you will be spending the majority of your lives on this important stage called 'Toyo Tires.' Begin from today and devote yourself to your work with the strong attitude of helping to grow this company and transform it into a leading corporation. Once again, I wish you congratulations on becoming an employee of Toyo Tires."

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