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Size matters: There is still a chance to win $25!

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Only two days remain in the blog contest asking for the highest standard load-carrying capacity, and the answers received so far are... close.

All the passenger tire size entries have high load-carrying capacities. And the answers are close enough that all the prizes, including the $25 grand prize, will be distributed (shoot! I really wanted to keep one of them!). But no one has sent in the correct answer yet.

Once again, here is the question:

"Which passenger tire size has the highest standard load-carrying capacity?"

Note that it is a size, not a brand. However, for those of you who offered up specific tires, I will check to see if their load-carrying capacities are higher than the winning size.

And I will give you one hint: It has a higher load-carrying capacity than a size P385/35R24 tire. (For those of you who already entered, feel free to enter again!)

Again, the tire has to have been a valid size in 2013. As for the load-carrying capacity, the inflation pressure has to be comparable apples to apples.

Also, only tire dealers, defined as a business that sells passenger, light truck, truck, ag, OTR or industrial tires (you have to sell at least one type), will get a chance to win.

For more details, check out the blog, "If you know your tire sizes, you can win $25! Or collectible cards!" Hurry -- time is running out!

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