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Laser measurement software helps sell tires and alignments

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Laser measurement software helps sell tires and alignments

Tire Profiles Inc. of Chicago, Ill., has made its TreadSpec technology for measuring tire wear and checking alignments fully portable. The company is introducing its innovation, called the Groove Glove, at the 2014 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show.

TreadSpec technology is designed to help dealers sell more tires and alignments. The company’s laser measurement software maximizes revenue potential by analyzing the tire wear of all vehicles visiting a shop.

Before Tire Profiles developed the wireless handheld scanner, TreadSpec technology was best suited for car dealerships. “We’ve seen a number of dealers experience dramatic growth anywhere from a 40% increase in tire and alignment sales,” says Rob Emerick, vice president of marketing for Tire Profiles. “In some cases dealers have literally doubled their business since they’ve migrated to TreadSpec.”

For tire dealers, the drawback to the TreadSpec technology was the need to permanently install it. The original TreadSpec system integrates into a shop’s existing service operations. The technology is imbedded in the floor, the car rolls over it, captures the information and produces a report for the customer.

Emerick says the company realized installation of the technology in a service drive or service bay area at car dealerships did not work well in facilities where space is at a premium. The solution for tire dealers is the Groove Glove, a fully portable laser scanner. The product scans each tire on a vehicle and creates the same analysis as a permanent unit.

Both the portable and permanent laser systems measure over 400 points across each tire. A detailed printout that shows the minimum tread depth across the tire and irregularities in the tire wear that the human eye cannot detect is generated. The software also evaluates the irregularities and makes recommendations for alignment and rotation based on data from the tire. “The value proposition for tire dealers is to give each of their customers a detailed report that shows tread depth across the width of the tire. We’re also able to identify irregularities in tire wear which our customers are using to identify potential alignment or other suspension issues that they can then discuss with the customer and address for them,” says Emerick.

The wireless Groove Glove enables technicians to go to a vehicle in a dealer’s parking lot or other area, scan each tire and create a report. The report is displayed on the handheld unit and also can be printed and provided to the customer as part of the tire analysis.

Dealers who prefer permanent equipment rather than a handheld scanner can install a service bay or service drive unit depending on workflow and bay space. Tire Profiles recently installed service bay units at two outlets operated by Dunn Tire LLC of Buffalo, N.Y. The company also created a portable clinic within a trailer for Dunn Tire. The clinic will be used at Dunn Tire’s retail stores and special events to check customers’ tires. Tire Profiles will deliver the clinic once the local municipality grants approval, according to Emerick.

Tire Profiles President and COO Dave Boyle says the company’s sole mission is to help dealers sell more tires and alignments.

“The goal is to sell more, not just simply measure the tires. This is why Tire Profiles has focused heavily on our software that not only measures the tires and checks for alignment needs but provides an easy-to-read consumer-facing report that helps sell what is needed.”

Boyle says the report is an educational tool that leads to more sales. “When you combine technology like laser triangulation with this report you educate the consumer on what they need, which offers complete transparency that builds credibility and sells more.”

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