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Vredestein Enhances Winter Tire Performance with New Wintrac Line

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Vredestein Enhances Winter Tire Performance with New Wintrac Line

Apollo Vredestein has rebranded its Snowtrac winter tire line as Wintrac. According to Vredestein officials, the new Wintrac "is even more suitable for current North American winters, as it will have improved performance in all types of wet conditions, while continuing to drive superbly on snow.”

The Wintrac “represents a significant change of perspective from a tire intended mainly for driving on snow to an all-around winter tire, hence the rebranding. Corresponding even better to North American winter conditions, in particular, the tire will join the Wintrac Pro, its ultra-high-performance counterpart, in a new Vredestein Wintrac family.”

Featuring  a new structure and new materials, the Wintrac boasts an enhanced tread design that includes a dedicated V-groove structure with a guaranteed “through-hole, ensuring optimal water drainage in both longitudinal and lateral directions.

“Shoulder blocks contain patented, ‘adaptive’ 3D sipes, extending the total sipe length and ensuring excellent winter performance throughout the lifetime of the tire. An inter-locking mechanism in the shoulder blocks provides additional stability and considerably enhances dry and wet handling performance.”

Vredestein says the Wintrac achieves “improved performance over its predecessor in a range of ways, including 10% better water evacuation, 5% more sipe length and 5% more rubber in contact with the road, leading to enhanced grip on wet and snow surfaces. Moreover, the unique blend of polymers and resin particles in the next-generation high-density silica compound – combined with an oval-shaped footprint for even pressure distribution – enables equal wear and better performance.

“These features allow the tire to provide 20% greater lifespan mileage, with even better performance than the latest Snowtrac 5. Last, but certainly not least, a lower rolling resistance translates into substantial fuel consumption savings.”

The first phase of the line’s production has started at both of Apollo Vredestein’s European plants.

The new tire will initially be available in 27 sizes in 15 and 16 inches, one of which has already been homologated by Volkswagen for its VW Golf 8 in Europe. A second phase with additional sizes will follow during 2021.

“With the introduction of the first winter tire for passenger cars in 1965, Vredestein is at the forefront of winter tire technology,” says Abhishek Bisht, head, new markets and channels, at Apollo Tyres.

The new Wintrac joins the Vredestein Wintrac Pro to round out the Vredestein brand’s winter tire portfolio, with more than 130 sizes available in North America. (The Wintrac is designed for rim diameters of 17 inches or less and is available in T, H and V speed ratings. The Wintrac Pro is designed to fit rims 17 inches in diameter and higher and is available in W and Y speed ratings.)

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