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Vredestein Launches Hypertrac All-Season UHP Tire

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Vredestein Launches Hypertrac All-Season UHP Tire

The new Vredestein Hypertrac all-season ultra-high performance tire “demonstrates Vredestein’s rapid portfolio growth and kicks off a new product cadence that will continue through 2020.”

The tire, which is available in 38 sizes, “demonstrates Apollo Vredestein’s commitment to research and development and delivery of superior products tailored to North American driver preferences and environments, especially in the U.S. market,” according to Vredestein officials.

“Its arrival represents an expansion” of what Vredestein describes as “the industry’s biggest UHP tire line-up to over 300 sizes spanning the summer (Ultrac Vorti), winter (Wintrac Pro), all-weather (Quatrac Pro)” and now – with the Hypertrac’s introduction -- the all-season segment.

The Hypertrac also is the first in a series of new Vredestein tire lines specifically developed for the North American market that will be introduced throughout 2020.

The tire provides "market-leading wet performance" thanks to its contour, which is designed for dynamic pressure distribution and an optimized footprint, and faster water evacuation due to its high-void tread pattern and optimized groove positions.

Its construction features a polymer blend ratio "tuned for superior wet grip;" a highly engineered tire structure, molded into a dynamic tread pack, for "excellent balance for precise driving in the most demanding wet and dry conditions;" and an advanced tread pattern with wider outer shoulders to help deliver superior cornering response.

In addition, the Hypertrac features a breakthrough compound that employs "unique resins that help deliver the optimal performance drivers seek from tires in this category."

“Today’s vehicle owners place a higher premium on versatile performance than ever before and are looking for supreme confidence across a wide range of road surfaces, conditions and climates,” says Abhishek Bisht, global head of new markets and channels, Apollo Tyres Ltd., Vredestein’s parent company.

According to Vredestein officials, “Vredestein has committed substantial investments to identifying gaps and developing a range of products tailored specifically to the US market’s needs. The Vredestein Hypertrac All-Season is a product born of this effort.”

The tire, which is manufactured at Apollo Vredestein's plant in Hungary, "is produced according to stringent North American product manufacturing requirements."

“Our global expertise, combined with a local focus on the North American market, has delivered a tire that we believe sets new standards for the all-season UHP category,” says Daniele Lorenzetti, chief technology officer at Apollo Tyres

Climate diversity in North America played an important role in the decision to develop and launch Vredestein Hypertrac. “There is not a single part of the market that does not experience wet weather, which presented an opening for Vredestein.”

“Hypertrac represents the next-generation of Vredestein technology, and has been engineered with the specific needs of North American consumers in mind,” says Bisht.

 “We are proud of this extraordinary new product, and we firmly believe it will transform how drivers view ultra-high performance tires. Hypertrac delivers in all seasons, with no compromises, and it establishes the tone for the standards of quality, capability, and performance we will continue bringing to North America through 2020.”

 The Hypertrac comes with a 100-day free trial period and a 50,000-mile warranty.


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