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Goodyear Targets Nation's Biggest Cities With AndGo Fleet Service

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Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. has launched its AndGo fleet service in major California markets, and by the middle of 2020 promises to extend it to Boston, New York City and Chicago.

Jose Diaz, manager of Goodyear's Innovation Lab in San Francisco, says AndGo currently serves Sacramento, the San Francisco Bay area, San Jose, Los Angeles and Orange County.

The predictive fleet service platform will expand to two or three more major cities this year, though those markets haven’t yet been chosen.

Goodyear says AndGo combines predictive software with Goodyear’s national service network to reduce downtime and help consumer fleets with “full vehicle readiness.”

That service network won’t include Goodyear’s independent tire dealers, Diaz says, at least at the start.

“Currently, the work is done in alignment with Goodyear’s company-owned stores. As we expand our presence with AndGo, we are looking to integrate our dealer network.”

As of its January launch, AndGo has four to five customers, and “will start adding more customers in the coming weeks," Diaz says.

So what size fleets is AndGo targeting?

“AndGo uses a scalable digital platform, so fleets of different sizes can work with us. AndGo is targeting mid-to larger-size fleets, but we can consider partnering with smaller fleets,” — those with less than 100 vehicles.

Here’s a look at three of AndGo’s current fleet customers:

Envoy: Envoy provides on-demand electric vehicles as an amenity to apartments and hotels, and even workplaces. The vehicles have a dedicated parking space and charger, and the user can reserve a car instantly through the Envoy There mobile app. Envoy offers vehicles in 31 California residential locations, including apartment buildings and senior apartments, plus a student housing neighborhood near the State University of New York campus in Brockport.

Borrow: Think of this as a short-term car rental. Except the vehicles are all electric, and users can rent a vehicle for three, six or nine months. The fee covers complementary maintenance, roadside assistance and charging credits. Different electric vehicles are rented in tiers. There are platinum options, like a Tesla Model S, and less expensive, smaller Smart cars. Users pay by the month, and the fee depends on the car and the length of the term. The most expensive car, the Tesla Model S, is $1,499 a month if rented for three months. The fees don’t include insurance and all cars have a limit of 1,200 miles per month. Normal wear and tear is expected, but under the terms if a driver has a blowout or flat tire, the user has to pay for that. Also, tire sidewall damage is identified as excessive wear and tear. The company owns all of its vehicles and has a pick-up location in West Hollywood.

Launch Mobility: Launch Mobility helps other companies build, grow and manage their shared mobility businesses. That might be a car share program, but it could also be a shuttle service, rental program or peer-to-peer rental. Its customers include original equipment manufacturers, fleet operators and university and corporate fleets.

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