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BFGoodrich Returns to the Farm Tire Market

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BFGoodrich Returns to the Farm Tire Market

Michelin North America Inc. is bringing the BFGoodrich brand back to the farm tire market, beginning with the Implement Control Tire. And more tires are coming later in 2020.

David Graden, operational marketing manager for Michelin’s agriculture business in the U.S. and Canada, says, “This is just the start for BFGoodrich farm tires.”

Graden says, “We are hoping to be a total farm provider, so that not only includes your higher horsepower, higher technology machines, but also lower horsepower machines, in addition to implements. Everything that is needed on the farm — we hope to fill that gap.”

The BFGoodrich Implement Control tire is made for pull-behind implements, such as bailers, planters and tank sprayers. It’s design and compound are based off the brand’s legacy in off-road sports, and specifically the BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain KM3 casing. Michelin says the tire is built on a proven BFGoodrich off-road casing to handle heavy loads and harsh impacts from damage and debris. The rubber compound helps against high road wear and is tough against stubble. The tread pattern provides all-terrain traction, long, even wear and quick mud removal.

The tire is a low-pressure, high-flexion IF tire designed to carry 20% more weight at the same pressure as a standard radial tire, which results in less soil compaction. It is also compatible with Central Tire Inflation Systems.

It’s available in two sizes: IF 320/70R15 and IF 280/70R15. Distributors have already purchased products, and the tire is available from authorized Michelin agriculture dealers.

The BFGoodrich Implement Control tire is made in the U.S. at Michelin’s plant in Woodburn, Ind., near Fort Wayne, Ind. Graden says it’s the first BFGoodrich farm tire built in the U.S. since 2001.

Here are two key takeaways:

  • So why is this the right time for BFGoodrich to re-enter the farm tire market?

“BFGoodrich is known for playing in the dirt. It’s designed specifically in the passenger car and light truck market as an off-road tire, so we feel that the brand is already there, the brand name has already been built for exactly what this tire is going to do. We feel strongly this is a good opportunity for us to reintroduce the BFGoodrich brand into farming products.”

Graden adds, “Years ago, BFGoodrich offered an agricultural product, and we did quite well. But at one point in the early 2000's, we needed to step back, regroup and re-strategize. So that’s exactly what we’ve done. We needed to put more efforts into the Michelin brand. Now we’re ready to take another look at the BFGoodrich offering and we feel it fits very well in a segment of the market where Michelin isn’t designed for.”

  • What’s the company’s big picture view of the implement market? Why is there room for another brand to compete?

“The implement market today is a giant market. It makes up over 50% of the overall radial ag tire market. That’s an area where we don’t play until this product.

“Now that we have this product, we expect we have the best product on the market, the most durable product on the market (with an) overall lower cost. And we expect to take market share with this product.”

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