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ASA's TireMaster GTX Software Fills in the 'Missing Pieces'

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ASA's TireMaster GTX Software Fills in the 'Missing Pieces'

ASA Automotive Systems Inc. will launch its TireMaster GTX software for nationwide use on Jan. 1, 2018. But dealers attending the 2017 Global Tire Expo in Las Vegas got a sneak peek of the business software Oct. 31 through Nov. 3 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

TireMaster GTX can be used by any size dealership, although its many features make it particularly useful for larger, multi-purpose dealers. It fills in what Executive Vice President Dave Vogel said are "missing pieces" in traditional tire dealer software offerings.

1. Marketed as an all-in-one business software, TireMaster GTX can be used with retailers, wholesalers, commercial dealers and retreaders -- and dealers who are all four. At a press conference, GTX Product Manager Justin Chalk also referred to it as a hybrid because it doesn't have to be used in a cloud-based environment.

2. A key feature is ASA's "Integrated Accounting" program. "Ours is not pushed out to another system," said Vogel.

In addition to centralized accounting, it has localized point-of-sale and in-depth reporting tools.

ASA said the software was designed to give tire and auto service centers "real-time visibility into how the company is doing as a whole." At the same time, TireMaster GTX "provides the tools necessary to drill down into individual locations, specific promotions and products to better manage profitability. It has a modern, intuitive interface, multi-location controls, centralized business management, and a very comprehensive eLearning function."

ASA also announced scheduled releases for its TireMaster 9.2 version (December 2017) and TireMaster Enterprise 4.4 software (January 2018); both include the new mobile interface, G4 POS.

Many of the enhanced features in the latest versions of the TireMaster business management suite were developed as a direct result of user input gathered during workshops at the most recent ASA user conference.

“By listening to our customers and analyzing market needs, we continually introduce next-generation products while advancing the features and benefits of our current systems,” said President Marc Belanski.

Other requested enhancements for TireMaster 9.2 include a refreshed jump page with customizable menus; multi-filter inventory searches; and more flexible email options.

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