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Is It a Tire or a Track? Trelleborg's PneuTrac Is Both

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Is It a Tire or a Track? Trelleborg's PneuTrac Is Both

Trelleborg Wheel Systems has created a track-like solution specifically for the unique challenges in vineyards and orchards, where root protection is key and steep terrain is common. The PneuTrac combines features from radial agricultural tires and tracks, the company says.

Vineyards often incorporate steep terrain and along with orchards, typically have narrow row operations with small spaces between vines or trees. Tracked applications can often be too wide to pass between rows with a comfortable margin for error.

Lorenzo Ciferri, vice president of marketing and communications for Trelleborg says, “PneuTrac delivers unbeatable performance on both steep slopes and muddy terrain, reducing downtime to zero in demanding conditions. PneuTrac combines the advantages of a radial agricultural tire in terms of fuel efficiency, comfort and handling, with the footprint and traction benefits of a track..”

PneuTrac features a new sidewall utilizing CupWheel Technology by Galileo Wheel Ltd. The “Omega” design of the sidewall helps the carcass to sustain load, while simultaneously providing flexibility and an extra-wide footprint, resulting in low soil compaction.

The progressive traction technology on the tread enhances traction while the inter-lug terraces improve the self-cleaning capability of the tire. The wide lug bases combined with a robust shoulder increase lateral stability, especially on slopes, Trelleborg says.

Ciferri says, “When designing the PneuTrac we focused on the specialist requirements of key producers. For example, the roots of vines are incredibly precious and susceptible to damage. As with conventional agriculture, the top soil needs to be protected and machine slippage could easily be a disaster for both the soil and roots.

“We firmly believe that PneuTrac is a game changing innovation and that it again demonstrates our commitment to sustainable farming, helping to protect some of our most valuable agricultural assets.”

PneuTrac will be on display at Agritechnica 2017, Nov. 12 to 18 in Hannover, Germany.

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