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Museum exhibits Yokohama’s orange oil tire

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Museum exhibits Yokohama’s orange oil tire

Yokohama Tire Corp.’s BluEarth-1 tire is now part of an exhibit at the Museum of Science, Boston. The company’s orange oil-infused passenger car tire features breakthrough eco technology.

The special two-year exhibit, which opens fall 2011, is titled the “Making a Greener Tire” interactive display. The display will be in the museum’s Transportation, Renewable Energy and Nanotechnology area.

Information in the exhibit will revolve around the BluEarth-1’s technology, which combines oil extracted from orange peels with silica and natural rubber to form “Super Nano-Power Rubber” (SNPR). This technology was initially utilized in Yokohama’s dB Super E-spec tire.

SNPR allows for less petroleum to be used in the manufacturing process and conserves fuel as it reduces rolling resistance by up to 20%. This minimizes the energy wasted (as heat) as the tire rolls down the road. Yokohama says it is the first – and only – tire manufacturer in the world to employ orange oil technology.

“The exhibit is extremely gratifying for Yokohama because it validates our commitment to technology that will protect Earth,” says Yasushi Tanaka, Yokohama president and CEO. “The Museum of Science, Boston is a leading educational and cultural institution that is ranked among the top science centers in the world.

“Yokohama is a technology-driven company with a global mandate to protect the environment. In fact, our new overall global environmental initiative is called ‘BluEarth,’ which includes the BluEarth-1 tire. BluEarth is our product engineering philosophy aimed at producing tires that are environmentally-, socially-, and human-friendly.  That’s why we are honored the museum feels our eco-friendly orange oil technology is significant enough to be presented in an exhibit.”

According to Paul Fontaine, Vice President of Education at the Museum of Science, the BluEarth exhibit reflects the Museum’s commitment to highlighting environmental issues and enhancing technological literacy.

The BluEarth-1, available now in Japan and Europe, will launch in the U.S. in  2012 in three sizes for hybrids and other vehicles, including the Toyota Prius, MINI Cooper, and VW Golf and Jetta. 

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