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Ice road trucker compares a tire to a tongue

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Driving on ice requires traction beyond the call of duty. That is why many tire manufacturers produce winter tires that specifically target icy surfaces.

They know that the average winter tires aren't always enough.

But what if you are driving an 18-wheeler with thousands of pounds of cargo? Those tires better stick to the road, or the driver may lose more than his or her load.

The men and women on the popular History Channel show "Ice Road Truckers" know this. They understand the importance of tires on their trips across the frozen tundra.

They also made a video about truck tires on ice, which Modern Tire Dealer Editor Bob Ulrich writes about in his latest, blog. One trucker even compared a truck tire to a tongue!

To read about the true stars of the show, click on "To ice road truckers, tires are the difference between life and death."

There also is a link to the video if you are interested. And let us know what you think by leaving a comment!

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