Scrap tires find new life in Flat Tire Décor

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Scrap tires find new life in Flat Tire Décor

Gravity Group Inc. has launched its Flat Tire Décor collection, featuring baskets and pots made from recycled and “re-inspired” tires.

"Flat Tire Décor products are made from tires that have reached the end of the road, but as you can see these tires still have many miles left in them,” says Michael Hottinger, president. “The uniqueness of recycled scrap tires ensures that each product has a one-of-a-kind character, texture, and story. In fact no two products will ever be identical."

The Flat Tire Décor collections of baskets are suitable for home and garden use, the company says. “Flat Tire baskets are strong and practical and possess a rough natural beauty that will add charm and uniqueness to any home or garden. They make excellent containers for displaying or organizing, as well as flowerpots, plant containers, decorating accent pieces, etc., and are suitable for indoor or outdoor use.”

Hottinger adds, "Approximately 795,000 scrap tires are generated every day in the U.S., and over half of those are never recycled, with millions of tires ending up in stockpiles or landfills. Flat Tire Décor takes these tires and recycles them into our baskets, resulting not only in a beautiful and durable product, but in the preservation of natural resources and reduction of scrap tires in our landfills as well."

The Flat Tire Décor collection is available online at

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