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N.C. legislators: Kill vehicle safety inspections

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A bill has been introduced to the North Carolina General Assembly that would take the safety out of the state’s Safety and Emissions Inspection Program. The North Carolina Tire Dealers Association (NCTDA) strongly opposes the proposed law.

The group says Senate Bill 123, titled “Eliminate Motor Vehicle Safety Inspections,” has heavy support from a group of legislators aiming to discontinue the safety aspect of the inspection process.

“This being a self-funded program appears to be in direct conflict with the safety aspect of the motoring public, in addition to the hundreds of jobs that would be displaced in our state by this action,” says Gary Baldree, chairman of the Political Action Committee.

Baldree says North Carolina has a $2.5 billion deficit that is creating a whirlwind of actions from legislators. The state’s scrap tire fund has had $6.5 million siphoned off in less than two years to assist in balancing the budget.

“This recent attempt to abolish the safety inspection would be another negative effect on our immediate tire and auto service industry,” says Baldree.

Baldree adds that vehicle integrity would suffer as motorists push the compliance limits to keep their cars on the road. This would come at a time when people are keeping their vehicles longer. 

He is urging state-related businesses contact the bill’s sponsors to voice opposition to this proposal. A list of the sponsors, along with links to the text of the bill, can be found by clicking here

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