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One Bold Vision: Monroe Prepares for the Next 100 Years

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One Bold Vision: Monroe Prepares for the Next 100 Years

Tenneco Inc. recently held a centennial celebration for the Monroe brand in Monroe, Mich. The company also gave attendees a sneak peek into ride control technology that will soon become reality in the aftermarket.

DRiV (Digital Ride Valve) is “the latest electronic adaptive damping technology in the Monroe intelligent suspension portfolio,” according to Mike Weaver, chief engineer of Tenneco’s Advanced Development Department.

“The key is the sensing of the road input. The logic, intelligence and actuation are all within the shock, whereas before, the three systems were (separated) within the vehicle.”

ACOCAR, a fully-active hydraulic system designed to provide smooth control for wheel and body motion, will be the Monroe brand’s “best-in-class” ride control product, says Tim Jackson, executive vice president for technology, strategy and business development.

The ACOCAR active suspension system can not only resist motion like a damper does today, but also lift the wheel actively “to avoid a pothole and also push the wheel against the road to maintain traction in the worst of conditions.”

August Meyer established the Brisk Blast Manufacturing Co. in Monroe in 1916 and began producing tire pumps. He formed a partnership with Charles McIntyre, a local Dodge dealer, in 1918, and they changed the name of the company to Monroe Automobile Equipment Manufacturing Co. a year later.

The company applied the technology of its single-barrel tire pump to develop the first Monroe hydraulic shock absorber in 1926.      







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