Up Close and Personal with Our Tire Dealer of the Year

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Full Name: Thomas Lee Gegax

Age: 51

College: Graduated from Indiana University in 1968 with a BA degree in business management. 

My hobbies and interests include: Basketball, traveling, golf, skiing, meditating

I'm most proud of: My children. Chris has a freelance video and film production company (Signal Pictures) and Trent is a reporter for Newsweek. They're both mature, intelligent and good human beings.

My favorite childhood memory: Family vacations

My biggest regret: Not making personal growth (behavioral and spiritual) more of a priority earlier in life.

My favorite book: Course in Miracles

My favorite sports: Basketball

My favorite athletes: No current athlete I would consider a favorite. These three are the last ones that were my heroes growing up: Duke Snider, centerfielder/Brooklyn Dodgers; Bob Pettit, St. Louis Hawks; Rick Carases, fullback/Chicago Bears.

My favorite movie: Dr. Zhivago

My favorite television show: CNN Headline News (I watch very little TV)

Favorite actor, actress: Liam Neeson

My favorite food: Tempeh (a form of tofu) and brown rice

My favorite politicians: Difficult to pick one

If I could change one thing about myself: Would be less of a perfectionist (I'm getting better).

My goal in life is: to live in a more awakened and conscious state; to connect deeply with family, company family, friends, the earth and the universe; To create a holistic, and multi-dimensional business model for the 21st century; To share material abundance with others.

A perfect evening for me is: A dinner party with my girlfriend, my closest friends and family.

Nobody knows that: I'm not that private.

Best advice my parents ever gave me: Have empathy for others.

My advice to my children: Be fair and share with others.

You most humbling experience: 1989 three-ring wake up call: divorce, cancer, and a cash-flow challenged business.

The greatest things about the tire dealers today is: No other competitive channel knows tire retailing like independent tire dealers.

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